At 16 years old, Zachary Latham moved in with his grandparents in Vineland, New Jersey. He would often post. Sarah Latham is the wife of Zachary Latham. More Local Journalism to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 4/30/23, S.P. The altercation started outside and continued into the garage, where Timmy Durham was killed. Sarah Latham is the wife of Zachary Latham. Zachary Latham rose to prominence, particularly on the internet, after reportedly murdering his neighbour over minor disputes. There, the boy soon developed strange feelings for his neighbors, especially 51-year-old veteran William T Latham was later confronted by Durham and his wife, who filmed the encounter. I just got assaulted and jumped. According to Find Law, if convicted, Latham faces "510 years in state prison and a fine that can reach $150,000. See more:Who Is Alan Li, 26? Thus, he is free from the second-degree reckless manslaughter charge and other related charges. (L-R): Zachary Latham and William T. Durham. The Durham family argues that they were drawn to Latham's home by their son before the incident for Latham to make a social media attack. All rights reserved (About Us). Zachary Latham Was Acquitted: He Was Found Not Guilty As noted by NJ, Zachary Latham was found not guilty. Insight The Vampire Diaries Cast Torrey DeVitto | Everything About Her Husband, Children, TV Shows, Movies, Abortion Story. Zachary T. Latham, 18, is accused of stabbing William T. "Timmy" Durham to death following a months-long dispute that proliferated on social media, according to . He has also blown her a kiss as he sped by while traveling to his house, according to the report. Assistant Prosecutor Caitlin Flynn conceded to the jury that the Durhams came onto the Latham property prepared to fight, but argued that Latham could have retreated into his home and called police. Sarah then calls for Latham who comes out. After the juries made their decision, Superior Court Judge Cristen P. DArrigo shared some words. Husband Kills His Daughter After Stabbing His Wife. A teenager in New Jersey is accused of escalating a family feud with a neighbor, which ended violently, in order to become "TikTok famous," attorneys for the victim's family said. Sarah took notes throughout the fatal altercation between Latham and his next-door neighbor. However, Latham was not charged in the incident. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Have you ever wanted to be famous on TikTok so much that you'd give your life to get it? at the time. The son said he was riding his bike to a nearby area with trails when the first encounter with Latham occurred on May 4. Bishop Oyedepo And Peter Obi Leaked Audio Viral: Scandal And Controversy, Angila Baxter Arrested: Sammie Mother Charged With Murder Of Florida Woman. Mr. Lathams public defenders say in their filing that he and his wife can be heard on video footage clearly telling the Durhams several times to get off the property they are not welcome. The prosecution filing also says Mr. Latham issued such a warning. Lee County Sheriff's Office. The Durhams, their hands visibly empty, continued to approach, the prosecution filing says, and Mr. Latham fired a stun gun and swung a knife at one of the Durhams sons. He is the founder and CEO of "SPOKE", an AI-powered platform . "Back up, back up," Sarah tells William, Gage, and William T. Durham who is quickly walking towards the Latham's garage. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. That led to a verbal argument. Following a long of legal procedures, he was encountered as not guilty because of insanity in a plea agreement, Read More Face Eater Austin Harrouff Mugshot: Who Is His Girlfriend? The interactions began two years ago, when Mr. Durham approached Mr. Latham not long after the teenager moved into his grandparents house on Thornhill Road in Vineland, about 40 miles south of Philadelphia, to complain that he was driving recklessly. Zachary Latham gained fans on TikTok based on his love of cars, but that love led to murder. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. And Latham drove home, and the Durhams tracked him, scintillating the deadly fight. I just got assaulted and jumped. Moreover, there is nothing really to know about Sarah Lathams family members currently. After the alleged incident, a motorist flagged down a trooper, who located a Nissan Infinity driven by Latham and discovered a black airsoft BB gun, which resembles an AK-47, in the vehicle. The TikToker acknowledged going into his kitchen and arming himself with a cutter and stun gun when he saw the Durhams coming. Now, Mr. Durhams family is accusing Mr. Latham of committing the slaying to become TikTok famous, even as they also face charges for their roles in the deadly altercation. On May 4, 2020, he stabbed William Durham Sr., an experienced prison officer. Yes, he was acquitted. (Mr. Latham says he honked his horn at the boy but did not swerve in his direction.). They were on a mission to get him. According to lawyers, they had recorded the video to become TikTok famous. The animosity came to a head on May 4 when the Durham family claimed Latham drove up behind 17-year-old-old Gage Durham as he rode out of his driveway on his bike and swerved his vehicle toward the cyclist. Durham Sr. and his sons fought with Latham and his two friends as Sarah Latham screamed and the stun gun repeatedly crackled in the video, which was played for the jury. Latham claimed he had a knife. Yes, he was acquitted. Inside The Life 20-year-old Dixie D'Amelio | Age, Charlie DAmelio, Height, Net Worth, 19-Year-Old American TikToker Zachary Latham Murdered A Neighbor For TikTok Fame. Manslaughter, violent assault, and firearms charges have been filed against Zachary Latham. As per the Judge, There are no winners here. He mocked the family online, posting another video showing a confrontation the defendant had with William Durham Jr. Catherine Durham contacted police April 25 to report that Latham had harassed her on several occasions, according to a department report. Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is a mother of a multi award winning American actress Anya Taylor-Joy. Instead, he chose to arm himself with a knife and stun gun and use lethal force against the victim, she said. A confrontation ensued involving Durham's wife and sons, and Latham is accused of using his stun gun on Durham and stabbing him multiple times. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. Did He Kill Neighbor to Become TikTok Famous, or Was It Self-Defense? In a recorded exchange that Zachary posted to TikTok, Catherine Durham, a neighbor, encountered him over his speeding on April 6, 2020. He has been banned from the New Jersey neighborhood as part of his pretrial release. She was charged with simple assault and criminal trespass, but the charges were later dismissed. The sons were each charged with third-degree aggravated assault and fourth-degree criminal trespass. Lisa is the founder and creator of Boutique Yoga Studio & Linda Rodriguez and Casas Manuel from Sun, Sea and Selling Houses are presently in Spain with their family. Is He Still Married To Alyssa Ellman? The jury saw bodycam footage from the crime scene and the MORE, VIDEO: Zachary Lathams police interview was recorded the day after he fatally stabbed his neighbor. What is Zachary Latham stabbing video reddit? I got beat up really bad and I have blood all over me. But this is a good judicial system and this is the way its supposed to work., Click and Read: Flight Attendant Stabbing: 33-Years Francisco Severo Torres Arrested and Charged. Sign up forOxygen Insiderfor all the best true crime content. It is reported that when the incident happened between both neighbours, Sarah recorded the entire incident. She attended Campbell Hall Schoo Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Engagement And Relationship Details. They got married at a young age but did not have kids. Many social media users have compared this incident with the recent shooting in Texas. Zachary T. Latham, 20, is accused of fatally stabbing William T. Durham Sr., 51, during a brawl at Latham's house in Vineland on May 4, 2020. Mr. Durhams family says he had another reason. Latham was taken to a local hospital for injuries he sustained in the incident and was subsequently released. The Durhams lawyers, who want the charges against their clients dropped and Mr. Latham charged with first-degree murder, have a provocative theory for what happened: Mr. Latham, they say, deliberately drew Mr. Durham to his death in a bid for social media celebrity. Latham was released from jail that same month, over the objection of prosecutors and Durham's family, and allowed to relocate to Florida while he awaited trial in New Jersey. The showdown was captured on cellphone video taken by Lathams wife, Sarah, and shows a bloody brawl that began on the driveway of Lathams home and continued into the garage. As previously said, Zachary Latham is a TikTok user who killed his neighbor and recorded the act in order to become famous. Two friends were in the bed of Mr. Lathams truck at the time. Zachary Latham: Man Who Stabbed Neighbor Dead After Feud Over Speeding Found NOT GUILTY by Leigh Egan April 13, 2023 A New Jersey jury acquitted Zachary Latham Tuesday, following a fatal stabbing between the defendant and his neighbor nearly three years ago in a quiet New Jersey neighborhood. Theres blood all over the place,he said in a 911 call. Crime News is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries. In addition, he has o Dermott Brereton partner Julie May is a Melbourne-based model and stylist. Opening arguments in the trial of Zachary Latham. In the letter, which was first reported by, the lawyers recounted what they said were the results of their inquiry into the events preceding, and surrounding, Mr. Durhams killing. Mr. Latham, who was 16 at the time, came to the Durhams home later to apologize, the letter said, but he continued to drive erratically. Zachary Thomas Latham, 18, allegedly brandished a firearm at another motorist on Saturday night on a parkway near Southwest Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers. Durham Jr. was admitted to the pre-trial intervention program on his charges, according to court records. Where Is He Now? Zachary Latham case video original of wife leaked on reddit and twitter Stabbing Video / Anime, news, omg / By memes127en Zachary Latham is an American entrepreneur and software developer who has made a name for himself in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Commenters allegedly encouraged Lathams activities, including one user who suggested the 18-year-old go after Catherine Durham. He was released from Lee County Jail Monday afternoon on a $40,000 bond, according to jail records, and will be arraigned Feb. 22. What did Zachary Latham do? Who is Zachary Latham's wife? Zachary Latham says he was defending himself when he fatally stabbed William Durham Sr., 51. Elizabeth and Robbie got engaged on July 2019. Zachary Latham is accused of stabbing his neighbor to death. Zachary Latham Was Acquitted: He Was Found Not Guilty. Latham's wife, Sarah Latham, recorded the stabbing of William T. Durham on May 4, 2020. Zachary Latham and the Deadly TikTok Feud Dire Trip 306K subscribers Subscribe 7.1K 176K views 2 years ago A young man making Karen videos for Tiktok erupted into a full blown family feud that. The Durham family claims that their son drew them to Latham's house before the incident, allowing Latham to launch a social media attack. Elizabeth Olsen got married in 2020 to Robbie Arnett in a private ceremony. VIDEO: On Day 4 in the trial against Zachary Latham, the victim's wife, Catherine Tiffany Durham, testified that Latham hit her before her husband was. ( Source: TikTok ) Due to that, his wife also gained widespread recognition. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. Many social media users have compared this occurrence to the most recent photo-taking incident in Texas. Sarah Latham has been in the limelight for being Zachary Latham's wife. Does She Have A Sister? Lawyers for the Durham family argued that Zachary lured Durham into a fatal conflict to gain TikTok fame. The conflict between the families began about six weeks before the killing after Catherine Durham told Latham to slow down as he drove on Thornhill Road, the street where they both lived, prosecutors previously said. If you want to be bombarded with pretty interesting stuffs from us through e-mail, please do subscribe to our newsletter! As the first witness to take the stand, Gage Durham described his father as a mild-mannered man who enjoyed dirt bike riding, camping and other activities with his two sons. Mr. Durham was stabbed under the armpit, puncturing his lung, in what was thought to be the fatal wound, the filing says. Read More: Jennifer Long Husband Dennis Gardiner: Tyler Gardiner Mother Arrested For Stabbing Him. She got into media prominence when she was also linked with the case of Zachary. Sarah got into media prominence when she was also linked with the case of Zachary. An accomplished writer with a portfolio that spans a variety of niches, including news, celebrity gossip, and pop culture, he is a master of the written word, weaving together clear reports that engage and delight readers. Tracking Alex Cox October 18-19, 2019. Lawyers for Durhams family argued Latham lured the victim into the fatal fight in a bid for TikTok fame and should have been charged with first-degree murder. Zachary Latham is said to have slain a well-known neighbor. The most recent claim, according to which Latham killed his neighbor merely to become well-known and purchase public attention, has startled and shocked many people. The case actually gained recognition when it was discovered that his decision to murder his neighbour was entirely for TikTok fame. Latham was first detained as a suspect, but he eventually confessed to the claims. They came with trucks, came on my property with guns and then when I I fought them off they drove away.. Her followers currently clock at 24.9 million but not anything closer to the popularity of her As the name implies, StuffsThatMatter is an online portal with in-depth and engrossing content that extends to diverse range of topics, be it fashion or literature. Due to that, his wife also gained widespread recognition. Zachary Latham is married to his wife, Sarah Latham. Presence of . He is known as the face eater; he is accused of killing two people and eating the face of one of his victims. Zachary T. Latham, 20, is accused of fatally stabbing William T. Durham Sr., 51, during a brawl at Lathams house in Vineland on May 4, 2020. As we know, Sarah got more into the spotlight after getting linked with the case of her husband's stabbing case. Later, she revealed that she recorded the incident so they could upload it on tik tok and become famous. Talking about her age, she must be a teenager as her husband,Zachary Lathamis just 18 years of age. In 2020, Latham was living with his wife, Sarahi "Sarah" Latham, and his grandparents, and had gained approximately 40,000 followers on the social media platform TikTok. Detectives said that Zachary emerged from his home with knives and a stun gun, as Zacharys wife recorded the altercation with a cellphone. Zachary Lathams wife Sarah Latham became one of the personalities many are trying to know about after it was revealed that she was the one who recorded the incident in which her husband murdered a neighbor. He took those actions, Durham said, Because, clearly, my brother was being held down.. Sarah Latham is the wife of Zachary Latham. After receding for a time, the tensions resumed around April, when, prosecutors said in a court filing, Mr. Latham and the Durhams became embroiled in a powder keg of an escalating feud., Among the incidents that occurred then was the confrontation between Mr. Latham and Ms. Durham that earned three million TikTok views. Face Eater Austin Harrouff Mugshot: Who Is His Girlfriend? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); You have entered an incorrect email address. What did Zachary Latham do? All Rights Reserved. Zachary Latham Wife: Who Is Sarah Latham? Users who commented on the video, the Durhams lawyers wrote, suggested he should cut her tires, egg her house and go after her., Several days later, the lawyers wrote, Mr. and Ms. Durham were outside their house doing yardwork when Mr. Latham pulled up and yelled, Hey Karen, we went viral!. On his channel, he posts lip-sync comedy videos and sketches often about dating. The younger Durhams back him into the garage as Latham swings his arm around. He was killed in 2020. Durham testified that he jumped onto the curb to avoid Lathams vehicle as the defendant honked his horn and drove away. He was indicted. From the Bench with Judge Ashley Willcott, Lathams Defense Attorneys Speak to Court TV, Verdict NJ v. Zachary Latham: Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial, Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial: Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument, Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial: Defense Delivers Closing Argument, Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial: Jury Views Latham Interrogation Video, Jury Views Bodycam in Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial, Victims Oldest Son Describes Deadly Stabbing, Victims Wife Describes Durhams Injuries After Fight, Victims Wife Testifies to Day of Stabbing, Victims Wife Learns Charges Were Dismissed While Testifying, Detective: Videos Show Deadly Confrontation in Lathams Garage, Nasty Neighbor Stabbing Trial: Detective Reviews Crime Scene Photos, Jury Hears Tammy Daybells Voice in 911 Call, Doomsday Cult Mom Murder Trial: Chad Daybells 911 Call, Surviving Roommate Agrees to Interview With Kohbergers Attorneys, Best Friend Murder Trial: Juror Raises Concerns About Bias. (4/6/23) MORE, VIDEO: Catherine Tiffany Durham became emotional while telling the jury that she asked paramedics to call for a helicopter when she saw the severity of MORE, VIDEO: On Day 4 in the trial against Zachary Latham, the victims wife, Catherine Tiffany Durham, testified that Latham hit her before her husband was MORE, VIDEO: Catherine Tiffany Durham described the scene of the fight that killed her husband, saying, There was blood everywhere. (4/5/23) MORE, VIDEO: Catherine Tiffany Durham became emotional on the witness stand after learning that criminal charges that had been filed against her were dismissed.

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