A Beholder is one of the most recognisable creatures in the world of D&D. You can find dragons just about anywhere, and plenty of other fantasy worlds have adopted their own version of creatures like mimics but the Beholder remains unique and synonymous with Dungeons and Dragons. Vision Aberrant A human chess player becomes a master by honing the ability to look several moves ahead during a gamewhich is still no match for what a beholder can accomplish with its superior intelligence and awareness. [10], Beholder 'bones' were incredibly porous and lightweight leather-like cartilage that was visually indistinguishable from their skin, but comparatively weaker, almost having the strength and durability of iron. Because a beholders minions are typically not able to fly, many of these chambers are connected to others by staircases or gently sloping ramps in addition to the tunnels, so the beholder can easily move its minions around as the need arises. I must maintain the current balance of power in the region. The Xanathars bond is its lair, an elaborate cavern complex created by its predecessors, carved out between the twisting sewers of Waterdeep. A tool is any treasure that the beholder can use as personal gear. 360 tilting and horizontal movement was achieved through blowing air out of its lung via air vessels leading from its lung to its skin. The Xanathars ultimate goal is to control the entire region under Waterdeep (both Undermountain and Skullport), giving it as much political clout as all the Lords of Waterdeep combined. [15], Further inside the eye was a mass of nearly invisible strands called evocularies. [21] Most beholders died of natural causes between the ages of one hundred and twenty and one hundred and fifty. Beholders, who often attacked for seemingly no reason, would often try to end a battle as quickly as possible, unleashing their terrifying abilities all at once. Most common folk dismiss these rumors and the fools who circulate them, asserting that the Lords of Waterdeep would never allow such creatures to roam the city. A beholder might be willing to cooperate with adventurers who have news about another beholders lair or activities, and might be nonhostile toward adventurers who praise it for being a perfect example of a beholder. These large, orb-shaped beings had ten eyestalks and one central eye, each containing powerful magic. Unless otherwise indicated, an alternative ability has the same range as the eye ray it is replacing, and it affects only one creature per use (even if the ability is based on a spell that normally affects an area or multiple targets) . When one needs to be replaced, the best candidates are those who appreciate the benefits of strict organization (and thus are lawful evil or at worst neutral evil) and who have a high tolerance for their bosss sometimes erratic behavior. Each of these effects is designed to be of the same power level as the one it replaces, enabling you to create a custom beholder without altering the monsters challenge rating. Unless its opponents are concealed by fog, invisibility, or some other magic, a beholder can lurk in the dark and shoot any creature it can see within the range of its darkvision. A beholder and two gazers leaving a trail of death, petrification, and disintegration. Range: 90 feet Not only are its opponents unsure of the best way to kill it, but it can quickly retaliate with lethal force against multiple enemies at the same time, and it literally sleeps with its eyes open. Niches and pedestals hold smaller objects, while larger objects are suspended from the ceiling or left freestanding in the room. The creature resembles an aberration of that kind, which determines certain traits in its stat block. Their eyestalks were usually flexible tentacles, but varied among individuals and could instead be jointed stalks covered in rigid chitin or segmented stalks similar to the bodies of earthworms[13]. In exceedingly rare cases, a beholder might experience a dream in which it sees itself in a mirror, or encounters several copies of itself, or imagines a sensation akin to what humanoids call multiple personalities. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. This section provides several alternative spell effects for a beholders eye. WebSTAR SPAWN SEER 5e stats Medium aberration (star spawn), neutral evil Armor Class 17 (natural armor) Hit Points 153 (18d8 + 72) Speed 30 ft. Proficiency Bonus +5 Proficiency Bonus +7 ( 5th Edition Advanced Mode) Saving Throws Dex +6, Int +11, Wis +9, Cha +8 Skills Perception +9 A beholder in its lair has access to so many resources that it can often vanquish invaders without directly confronting them. A beholder picks its own name, piecing together sounds and syllables that have significance and meaning to it. However, the inability to cast its eye rays at full strength was hardly a hindranceit allowed a beholder to attack its foes with its large, toothy maw.[7]. A beholders true rivals are other beholders, for only another beholder has the intellect, power, and magic to threaten another of its kind. Eye Rays. To the average beholder. They dont necessarily know their leader is a beholder; they just know the boss is powerful, dangerous, and doesnt tolerate mistakes. A beholder observing some petrified adventurers. At such a time, the beholders dream-birthing creates a beholder hivea group of newborns that are identical to its own shape but smaller. If any large openings between adjacent caves exist naturally, the beholder constricts or seals off such openings, either by employing slave labor or by collapsing the tunnel itself. The tables that follow present possibilities for personal characteristics that you can use to make a beholder distinctive. The majority of beholders living on Faern had skin colored in cool colors - purples and blues - on the top of their bodies that graduated into earth tones further down. A beholders personality greatly influences how it categorizes its treasures. They were still two entities within the beholder, but neither hid anything from the other, making a less paranoid beholder. Warlock Wizard A beholders greater minions are formidable opponents. The beholder and its minions can bypass the area by means of secret doors at either end. An unruly minion could be turned to stone, eliminating the creature as a threat and creating a permanent reminder of the price of disobeying the beholder. Webits traits. These creatures help defend the lair and also serve as shock troops if the beholder vacates its lair to prey on the inhabitants of the surrounding area. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. It is aware of the great library at Candlekeep and the lore stored there, and one of its main objectives is to get an agent into the place that can start sending copies of that information back to the Xanathar for review. [15] They primarily derived pleasure from eating based on the sight and texture of the food, rather than taste. [23], Beholders could eat just about anything organic, but they did have preferences. They did not typically enjoy citrus fruits, grapes or melons; eyeballs; hard-boiled eggs; shellfish still in the shell; bull testicles; or anything fried in batter. Large 5E1~2lv VC A trophy is a treasure that a beholder cherishes as evidence of its power, or serves as a remembrance of victory over its enemies, or evokes another sort of positive reaction from it. The beholder, of course, can disintegrate these barriers to gain access to the tunnel. Complementing this ever-present, passive paranoia is the beholders genius-level intelligence. When you cast the spell, choose Beholderkin, Slaad, or Star Spawn. These areas are often seeded with perils both stationary and mobile. I was lucky to escape my enemy, and I worry that I might be discovered again before I am ready. Charm Ray: The targeted creature must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by the beholder for 1 hour, or After the beholder secures the spoils it desires from its enemies, it allows its minions to divide the remaining booty. Roll once for the central eye and once for all the smaller eyes. [14][22], Indigestible items eaten by a beholder would be either vomited up or absorbed into the body where it would eventually embed itself on the inside surface of the beholder's skeleton. Evil A beholder analyzes its opponents, makes note of armor, weapons, and tactics, and adjusts its strategy to eliminate the most dangerous threats as quickly as possible. [24], A lighter-than-air gas was produced inside the bodies of beholders. Alignment When you cast the spell, choose Beholderkin, Slaadi, or Star Spawn. WebA zombie beholder of CR5 can deal 45 damage which is instantly fatal to most d6 casters in an average 4-person party of level 4's fighting it and by CR balance is considered a "Hard" encounter for those 4 level 4 PCs. 3e One form of gas spore trap is nothing more than a small room or section of tunnel that contains one or more hovering gas spores. The main element of an oil sprayer trap is a large tank, filled with oil, embedded into the top of a column or located in a space above the trapped room. Usually a beholder gives gifts to make a minion more powerful and better at its job, which typically involves guarding the beholders lair. When these thoughts bubble to the surface, the Xanathar might crack down on its lieutenants, interpreting their mistakes as disobedience, their failures as deliberate attempts to undermine its power, and their successes as challenges to its superiority. Although each use of the charm effect lasts only an hour, repeated uses over time against the same target tend to wear down a creatures will, creating a docile servant. I sometimes forget that others dont have access to all of my knowledge. Medium to Huge A beholder's central eye emitted a continuous antimagic field. WebAlso remember that 3rd and 5th Edition use a 1-20 scale for "standard" Challenge Ratings, while 4th Edition uses 1-30. Such creatures are seen as threats or fools, and are dealt with mercilessly. The Xanathar, like its forerunners, is an eye tyranta type of beholder that chooses to live among other creatures in a position of superiority over them. Gas Spores. A death kiss is usually the result of a nightmare about blood, such as what a beholder might experience after an encounter with a vampire or after being severely wounded in battle. WebCasting Time: 1 action Range: 90 feet Components: V, S, M (a pickled tentacle and an eyeball in a platinum-inlaid vial worth at least 400 gp) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour Description not available (not OGL). If a human acted this way, the constant vigilance and lack of truly peaceful rest would lead to a dangerous level of psychosis, but a beholders mind accepts this attitude as normal and necessaryit is always alert to the possibility of assassination or betrayal by unknown threats that stand ready to pounce on the beholder the instant it lets its guard down. When magic was needed to power a ray, the brain would send the magical energy back into the eye via the retinas.[15]. A gift is a treasure the beholder cant use itself but that would be useful to a minion, such as magic gloves, boots, armor, or an item it cant attune itself to. Beyond the lair entrance lies the vestibule. (Evil), Community. I hope to curry favor with my slayer to forestall my end. [21], The parent would choose one infant who looked most like itself to rear, and either eat or reject the remainder, forcing the survivors to fend for themselves. Large The shape of the iris could be anything the beholder wished, which granted it's owner both darkvision and exceptional vision in the light - beholders in a brightly lit space had been observed as capable of counting the legs on a minuscule insect at distances of over one hundred and twenty feet. If you dont issue any, it take the Dodge action and uses its move to avoid danger. The main living area that the beholder uses is filled with objects that the creature enjoys looking at, such as art, statues, and its latest spoils of victory. You've got an extra tapering divider before the Reactions section Spell Lists. At Higher Levels. Once the layout and guard movements are known, the beholder sends its minions to attack or draw out defenders while it flies high overhead and uses its eye rays to subdue the village, targeting leaders and other formidable foes before significant resistance can be mounted. I determine if a creature is worth keeping alive within the first minute of speaking to it. The Often, it plunders its neighbors homes for knowledge and treasure. Most of the entryways and passages that it fashions to connect one chamber with another are too narrow to admit creatures larger than itself (particularly in the innermost chambers). It was possible for a beholder to dream another creature into existence. Some of the behaviors and motivations that beholders exhibit are analogous to those of humans and other intelligent creatures. My hierarchy of minions keeps me safe. At your discretion, a beholder might be able to use magic items that must be held to activate, such as wands; the beholder is assumed to be using its telekinesis eye ray to move and point the item in the same way that a humanoid would use its hand. The rules for Mounted Combat state: A willing creature that is at least one size larger than you and that has an appropriate anatomy can serve as a mount, using the following rules. This corporeal form uses the Aberrant Spirit stat block. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. A tunnel bends every 50 to 100 feet to prevent attackers from shooting at the beholder while it flees, but giving the monster opportunities to attack when its enemies come into view. Did you intentionally duplicate this exception? Each lieutenant is responsible for operating one of the aspects of guild business, including assassination, blackmail, extortion, mercenaries, slavery, smuggling, spying, and thievery (of these operations, slavery and thievery are the largest). But a beholder could wear magic rings on its eyestalks or affix a magic cloak to its back, and the items function as they would if used by a humanoid. Without new magic to look at, beholders could become very irritable, therefore they were driven to hoard magical items in their lairs and seek out magical places. WebThe spirit manifests physically in an unoccupied space that you can see within range. Rather than being sculpted with tools or eye rays, the entrance and the vestibule are left in their natural form to mislead intruders who might be expecting an artificially created structure. Magical beast * For death tyrant lairs, use this table, but replace approximately half of its humanoid minions with zombies. Since the birth process involved the destruction of the womb, beholders could only become pregnant and give birth once in their entire lives. The beholder can also manipulate the ray with pinpoint control, enabling it to cut and shape objects as though it were wielding a fine chisel, drill holes too small for an arrow to pass through, carve masonry blocks out of raw stone, amputate limbs, or brand creatures with burn-like scars. Antimagic Cone: mirage arcane, power word stun (affecting the weakest non-stunned target in the cone each round), Charm Ray: banishment (1 minute), confusion (1 minute), Death Ray: circle of death (10-foot-radius sphere; 4d6 necrotic damage to all creatures in the area), feeblemind, Disintegration Ray: chain lightning (primary target takes 6d8 lightning damage; two secondary targets within 30 feet of the primary target take 3d8 lightning damage each), eyebite (sickened effect; 1 minute), Enervation Ray: create undead (usable regardless of the time of day), polymorph (1 minute), Fear Ray: gaseous form (self or willing creature only), moonbeam, Paralyzing Ray: modify memory, silence (1 minute), Petrification Ray: Ottos irresistible dance (1 minute), wall of ice (1 minute; one 10-foot-square panel), Sleep Ray: blindness/deafness, misty step (self or willing creature only), Slowing Ray: bestow curse (1 minute), sleet storm (one 10-foot-cube), Telekinesis Ray: geas (1 hour), wall of force (1 minute; one 10-foot-square panel). Something does not work as expected? Although true beholders can be found on a spectators or gauths home plane, the creatures actual place of origin is unknown (whether another plane, a world beyond the stars, or some stranger location), and spectators and gauths arent believed to originate from dreams as other beholders do. This started out as a silly idea - I wanted to play a literal Beholder as a PC. Heres a summary of the Beholder 5e stats youll find in the Monster Manual : The Beholder has an enormous range of actions it can perform thanks to its magical eye. It can create an anti-magic cone of 150ft at the start of a turn, and this dispels all magic within that zone. large Aberration Lawful Evil. Although previous Xanathars carefully guarded the facts of their true nature and allowed only a handful of their lieutenants to know the truth, the current Xanathar treats the matter more like an open secret. A room not dedicated to some other purpose could be festooned with a variety of traps. A beholder constantly fears for its safety, is wary of any creature that isnt one of its minions, and is aggressive in dealing with perceived threats. Note the lack of nostrils, as well as the proliferation of teeth. On extremely rare occasions when a beholder dreams of another beholder, the act creates a warp in realityfrom which a new, fully formed beholder springs forth unbidden, seemingly having appeared out of thin air in a nearby space. View and manage file attachments for this page. However, their sense of hearing was inferior to that of a human,[10] and their sense of taste was notably poor, if not nonexistant. Because of these features, beholders were occasionally known as "spheres of many eyes" or "eye tyrants,"[7] although the latter also referred to a specific type of beholder. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. To learn spells of a new level, a beholder mage had to permanently sacrifice the innate power of one of its eyestalks to dedicate to that new level. This doesnt mean that the eye tyrant likes, respects, or understands the creatures it chooses to associate with, but it does distinguish between individuals of other races and communicates with them on a regular basis. It now exists in a state of undeathyet its fear of being killed remains unabated. Where another creature would ignore the occurrence of two seemingly unrelated events as merely coincidental, a beholder imagines multiple ways they could be related, finding or fabricating a pattern out of supposed or actual randomness. Inside the comfortable confines of its subterranean lair, a beholder is nearly unassailable thanks to the combination of its peerless intellect and the brutal effects of its eye rays. A beholder usually has the location of all its trophies memorized and immediately senses if something is missing or out of place. As with the tunnels between chambers, escape tunnels are usually a steep climb or nearly vertical to make it difficult for non-flying creatures to follow. The mind of a beholder is powerful and versatile enough that it can envision literally any possibility, and it prepares accordingly, making it virtually impossible for any invaders to catch it unawares. Each of its chambers is isolated, accessible from only one or two other areas, giving the beholder control over the route that enemies must take to reach the sanctum where the owner of the place lies in wait. One of the few things that beholders could enjoy the taste of was alcohol (though it took well over 10 gallons (45 liters) of wine before they would get drunk).[22]. WebArmor Class: 11 + the level of the spell (natural armor) hit Points: Equal the aberration's Constitution modifier + your spellcasting ability modifier + ten times the spell's level After just shy of six months of pregnancy, the beholder gave birth. The cone is wide enough that the beholder can usually redirect it toward any particular creature trying to escape the area, keeping that target locked down until the monster has killed all the enemies outside the cone. For example, if a beholder intends to shoot charm, slowing, and sleep rays at a ranger, and the ranger succumbs to the charm, the beholder could use its remaining rays against other targets. Aberration A beholder believes it is superior to all other entities. WebThey are twice the size of typical beholders, and differ in appearance as well. [18], While they required, on average, about 10pounds (4.5kilograms) of food and 2gallons (7.6liters) of fluid per day,[14] an otherwise healthy individual could typically survive over twenty days without food or drink before dying of starvation or thirst. WebBeholder 5e 4e 3e 2e 1e 5th Edition Statistics Size Large Type Aberration Alignment Lawful evil Challenge rating General Information Movement Flying Vision Darkvision (360 A beholders natural ability to fly is essential to many of its defenses and habits. (These features arent shown on the accompanying map, but can be located anywhere you see fit.) When the trap is triggered, a valve in the bottom of the tank opens, and oil spews into the room, making the floor slick and igniting if any open flames are present. Like its predecessors, the beholder uses the Xanathar as a title rather than its personal name (which is Zushaxx). This nervous tissue transmitted both light and magic into the three retinas at the back of the eye. All other beholders are imperfect and must be destroyed. Instead, a beholders mind remains semiconscious even as it dreams. Thats where the similarity ends. In addition to functioning as the beholders arms and hands for everyday tasks, the telekinetic ray is essential for building traps and other lair defenses, such as positioning the weights for a falling block trap. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, use the higher level wherever the spell's level appears on the stat block. Size Here, the beholder rests and plots. Most of Toril's beholders had nostrils and jointed, articulated eyestalks. A beholders true I often take out my frustrations on my minions. (Lawful), Intolerance. Although I am perfect as I am, I can strive to be even better. View wiki source for this page without editing. From time to time it is gripped by overwhelming concerns about assassination plots, revenge-seekers, and other schemes against it. Because there were two entities within a single beholder, that beholder should always be addressed by its full name when in conversation with them, or they would perceive it as speaking to only one of the entities. Beholder,[3] Undercommon,[1][3] Deep Speech[1] Mottled (roll twice, ignoring results above 10), Shaded (roll twice, ignoring results above 10), Double iris (roll twice, ignoring results of 20). When such a group is led by a beholder rather than a human, the tyrant has incredible staying power against challengers. Saving Throws Str +16, Con +13, Int +12, Wis +13, Cha +12 Skills Athletics +16, Yog-Sothothery +13 Damage Immunities cold, poison, psychic ** See Monsters Listingfor statistics. The saving throw for an alternative ability uses the same DC and the same ability score as the spell the eye ray is based on. Beholders gathered the energy that fueled their magical abilities by observing spell effects, magical creatures and items. Door Trap. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Usually lawful evil BEHOLDER 5e stats the eye of the beholder ACTIONS. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (4d6) piercing damage. The targeted creature LEGENDARY ACTIONS. The beholder can take 3 legendary actions, using the Eye Ray option below. It can take only one BEHOLDERs Beholders were omnivorous, genderless aliens, and a subject of great fascination for sages who studied biology and the hunters who attempted to kill them. Many escape tunnels have falling block traps or weak ceilings supported by a single pillar, which the beholder can disintegrate after it passes that point to deter pursuit. Said skin had a pebbly texture. Rather than the standard powers of a beholders central eye and eyestalks, the creature has one or more variant abilitiesguaranteed to surprise any enemies who thought they knew what they were getting themselves into. The beholders would traverse the Prime Material plane and learn about the secrets and current status of various worlds and then report back to their hive mothers, who would then gather and share what they had learned. A beholder would generate or expel the tiusium autonomically when it desired to ascend or descend. Movement The beholder shoots three of the following magical eye rays at random (reroll Three tablesBeholder Lesser Minions, Beholder Greater Minions, and Beholder Petsmake it easy to stock a beholders lair with such creatures. This way of thinking could be interpreted as a form of paranoiaand if so, it would be the most extreme form imaginable. The only real threat to the Xanathars rule is another beholder, which speaks to the reason why the Xanathar Guild has been led by a succession of beholders instead of by various humanoid or inhuman creatures. In addition to its lieutenants, the Xanathar has many minions with specific jobs. "Sane beholders" were beholders whose minds were not "divided" so to speak. Eye raysCharm MonsterFlight Covered Pit. Even intruders who dont need light to see have to contend with the beholders superior sensesthe monster can see its opponents before 60-foot darkvision sees it. Most of the beholders in the world live apart from others of their kind, and they like it that way. They handle menial tasks for the beholder such as hunting, scouting, and guarding the lair. Furthermore, beholder mages were so innately gifted with magic that they could simultaneously cast spells with each eyestalk that had been dedicated to their arcane studies. [7] Any combination of these was possible, although they often used only two at a given time. Not all share the xenophobia of true beholders; though most are still evil and cruel in nature. Warlock (Optional), Wizard (Optional), Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under. Beholders are among the few creatures that can shape reality in their vicinity. When a beholders dream-imagination runs wild, the result can be an offspring that has an unusual or unique set of abilities. The only allies it considers relatively safe are individuals that it (or its predecessor) has worked with for years, and most of these are creatures it has no reason to fear because they arent a physical threat to it or the guild. Exceptions could be found in the elder orb subrace of the species. Its fear of conspiracies is merely dormant, though, not absent. 10d10 + 50 bandits and 3d6 bandit captains, 10d10 hobgoblins and 2d4 hobgoblin captains, 10d10 + 50 kobolds, 2d4 kobold inventors,** and 2d6 kobold scale sorcerers**. Prior to this, the beholder would consume up to four times the amount of food it normally would to create a great enough reserve, as eventually, after around four months of pregnancy, the womb swelled to a size too large to fit any food in its mouth. In similar fashion, a beholder might station some of its minions in a prime spot for an ambush, or it might send forth a bunch of its servants to overrun a group of enemies that have been weakened by traps and other hazards. A beholder who wished to learn the Art of arcane spellcasting beyond the simple use of its innate powers faced a number of limitations, the greatest of which being its own antimagic eyesight. pantoprazol para perros dosis, red dead redemption 2 steam launch options, john mcenroe parkinson's,

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